Birthday Wishes For Kids – Birthday Wishes, Messages, Cards

Here you will get best of best Birthday Wishes For Kids. Birthday is one of the best days of the year for kids because they expect so many things from so many people. Kids deserve to be treated in a special manner not only on their birthdays but generally too. This is because kids are innocent souls who are rarely a source of sorrow, disappointment and anxiety to anyone in this world.

Today is the only day of the year when you will not be scolded for eating too many sweets, having too much ice cream, playing too many games, spilling food all over, sleeping late and having the best time of your life.

Birthday Wishes For Kids – Birthday Wishes, Messages, Cards

Birthday Wishes For Kids - Birthday Wishes, Messages, Cards
Birthday Wishes For Kids – Birthday Wishes, Messages, Cards

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Dear son, you are like a prince to us. I wish you a very Happy Birthday. May you have a great year and glorious life ahead? We are always with you.

Children are a gift from God. But you, my dear, are the best of all the gifts ever received. Thank you so much for being such a lovely child. Happy Birthday!

You are so naughty and mischievous. There are times I cannot help myself to be mad at you. But every time I watch you sleep, I realize that you are still a child And you needed my understanding the most. Happy birthday!

Birthday Cards For Kids

Birthday Cards For Kids
Birthday Cards For Kids

Buddy, you are kind, athletic, and have a great future in front of you.  Keep your dreams at the forefront of your focus and you will go far. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday my dear child, I hope you have an amazing day filled with nothing but laughter, and I wish you lots of candy and chocolate, because I know you love them very much, just like I love you!

Time flies so fast that another year is added to your age I hope to see you grow up to be such an ideal man That God wanted you to be. Your family will always be here to support you! Have a wonderful Birthday!

Birthday Greetings For Kids

Birthday Greetings For Kids
Birthday Greetings For Kids

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For our beautiful, little girl, A special birthday wish Along with a big, ‘I love you’, We give a hug and kiss We pray that you will know God more and more each day And follow Him all your life And learn to love His ways.

I was going to write something in your card that is sappy, but since you’re my son I’ll just wish that your birthday is happy!

Happy birthday to you, make today a great day! Every year you get older, I know that soon you will grow up and have our own life, but remember that I will always support you! Happy birthday my dear!

Birthday Smiles For Kids

Birthday Smiles For Kids
Birthday Smiles For Kids

Being around you reminds me of the innocence and happiness life has to offer. You are the most loving kid in the whole world. Happy Birthday dear.

Look up in the sky, Little birds are flying high, They are going to heaven, To get you a lovely surprise, So hurry up my sweetheart, And get ready for the day, It seems a little special, Maybe it’s your Birthday!!!

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