Happy 50th Birthday – Birthday Messages, Images, Quotes

Fifty is a beautiful milestone in life. Whether it is your husband, wife, dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, boss, teacher, brother, sister, friend or colleague – wish them a happy birthday with inspirational quotes about life and funny messages about getting old. Your 50th birthday wishes should be as amazing as this milestone birthday. Happy 50th Birthday is too big a birthday to play down with an ordinary quotes, eCard or text.

50th birthday quotes and sayings to help wish someone a fabulous 50th! Turning 50 is a milestone but it can be hard to know what to write in a card.

Happy 50th Birthday – Birthday Messages, Images, Quotes

Happy 50th Birthday - Birthday Messages, Images, Quotes
Happy 50th Birthday – Birthday Messages, Images, Quotes

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I hope you enjoyed this 50th birthday wishes and messages collection, and I hope you found one that was just right for the occasion. Here are some other pages I think you might enjoy…

Now the rest of your life will depend on whether you have fun by being nifty, or you become boring by being thrifty. The choice is yours. Happy 50th birthday.

Happiest birthday ever! You’re a half century old now! Congratulations for reaching this far. May you have more strength to walk further miles.

Birthday Cards For 50th Birthday

Birthday Cards For 50th Birthday
Birthday Cards For 50th Birthday


When your friends begin to flatter you on how young you look, it’s a sure sign you’re getting old.

Happy Birthday! The world is a better place for having had you in it for the last 50 years, so here’s wishing you many happy returns.

You may no longer be young as you turn fifty. But nothing is stopping you from being naughty and nifty. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes For 50th Birthday

Birthday Wishes For 50th Birthday
Birthday Wishes For 50th Birthday

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You’ve got so much to look forward to in your 50s. In the words of Bob Hope: “I don’t feel old. I don’t feel anything until noon. That’s when it’s time for my nap”.

Don’t let age dampen your youthful spirit. Life is a blessing, every day and every minute. Don’t be afraid of the wrinkles on your face. Every line is symbolic of one of your life’s phase. Happy 50th birthday.

It’s truly a kind of milestone that you have achieved in your life Yes all the things that you want to do You are truly blessed and one in few Renew from this age and stay young forever As this is the time to chill Happy 50th birthday to you! God bless you!

Birthday Greetings For 50th Birthday

Birthday Greetings For 50th Birthday
Birthday Greetings For 50th Birthday


If you were a dog, you would be 213 years old. So, don’t feel so bad about your age. At least you’re aging like a human. Happy 50th!

I would make a joke about how old you’re getting, but I’m worried that if I hurt your feelings I might not get a change to apologize to you since you are getting so old. Happy 50th!

Happy birthday! You are now officially half a century old. May you have more birthdays to come, So you can have a chance to complete your century.

Birthday Smiles For 50th Birthday

Birthday Smiles For 50th Birthday
Birthday Smiles For 50th Birthday


I have known you since high school and I am wishing you for your fiftieth birthday. We are truly BFFs. Happy 50th, here’s to you my friend.

A good person, a great mentor and at the same time, a loving grandfather You are carrying this quality, that’s why you are the only one for me. I wish you an amazing 50th happy birthday for you.

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